The Infinite Loop

The Infinite Loop

The world’s first VR Team Challenge

Your team is setting out on a secret rescue mission. A young man with a virtual reality headset is playing a mysterious game and is now trapped in this alternate reality. Your mission is to rescue the teen from his virtual prison and to bring him back to this reality.

Teambuilding and VR Experience

The Infinite Loop is a virtual reality team challenge with strong emphasis on communication, cooperation, team management and of course, excitement! In this challenge your teams will attempt to rescue a teen boy who was sucked into virtual reality when he was trying out a new VR headset from a company called The Odyssey, that had been tampered with. Now your team members have to move back and forth between real world and virtual reality in order to find clues how the boy can be rescued. But do not lose any time, all of your teams will be giving their best to retrieve him and beat the high score.

Gamification and Competition increase Motivation

A short brief introduction creates the right mood. Once the game starts, team members take turns wearing a VR headset and describing to their teammates what codes, ciphers and riddles they encounter. The team mates can combine this knowledge with real world resources they are provided with, in order to succeed. The tasks become increasingly more difficult, while the software is kept in simple English, in order to avoid language barriers. A virtual reality awaits with many doors to be unlocked. The keys to these doors can be found by cracking codes. Every time you successfully decipher a code and move through a door, you pass on the VR headset to one of your teammates and join the others in their supportive roles. A score board will be on display to all teams throughout the game.

Team Building Elements and Outcome

The Infinite Loop Online is a powerful team management simulation based on real-time teamwork and communication. The more precisely a player describes his task, the more effective the team members can become in solving it by utilising real world resources. Through continuous feedback and the changes emerging from it, as well as interactive learning, your teams can solve their problems efficiently, thereby increasingly adapting principles of team management. The Infinite Loop Online is a versatile and efficient tool. It is perfectly suitable for debriefing complex tasks that modern enterprises are facing when working with remote teams. It’s also great at introducing and employing appropriate methods.

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