Secure your date now for an unforgettable Christmas event!

We are taking off again: with our Quizmas (Live), a colorful mixture of Christmas party and quiz show, this year’s Christmas party will be a fun and exciting experience.

In person or virtually: you decide

Due to popular demand, we are offering our Quizmas Live this year as an on-site event and, of course, again in the online variant.

This means: you decide which format suits you best for the 2021 Christmas party. No matter which variant you choose: the fun factor is guaranteed.

Request your desired date now. Last year we were fully booked within a very short time.

Quizmas – a successful surprise for your employees

The on-site Christmas event is suitable for a smaller group of 30 people or more up to a large event for 300 participants. For the duration please plan two to three hours. You can book the event in German or English language – Germany-wide!

Look forward to varied and original quiz elements that challenge the participants in a playful way between the courses. The employees of a table form a team and compete against each other. Competition and team spirit are called for – after all, the aim is to emerge as the winner at the end of Quizmas and win the “Golden Christmas Tree Ball”. Equipped with radio-controlled buzzers or iPads, the teams compete to answer questions quickly and solve tasks cleverly.

Of course, the Quizmas is all about Christmas: Who can recognize the most classic Christmas songs – when played backwards? Can you manage to build a stable tower out of speculoos? Do you know the composer of “Christmas Bakery”?

Let the year end on a pleasant note and at the same time strengthen your sense of unity for an engaging start to the next business year.

We realize customized quiz rounds

As a special “treat” we are happy to create quiz elements tailored to your company. Experience has shown that quizzes about your own company are particularly popular. Talk to us about it, we will take care of it.

We are very much looking forward to finally organizing an unforgettable Christmas event for you and your employees in person and live this year. Click here for the booking process.

Quizmas Live online: Teambuilding and Christmas party – virtual and worldwide

In the online version of our Quizmas Live, we bring your remote employees together. No matter if you invite a team of 20 people to the Christmas party or plan the event with 1000 employees. We ensure a smooth process and lots of fun. Of course you can book the Quizmas Live online in English or German.

If you plan your Christmas party as a big event and therefore prefer an online event, this is also no problem. Ask now for your desired date, so that we can realize a tailor-made Christmas event for you.

Christmas game show – playfully to the we-feeling

For the Quizmas Live we have given our Game-Show Live a Christmas flair. Your employees slip into the role of candidates of a Christmas show. Our experienced quizmaster welcomes the participants to the virtual studio and guides them through the evening with wit and wordplay. Like all our online events, Quizmas Live takes place in the form of a video conference.

Instead of a buzzer, the candidates in the online version use their smartphones to answer questions and solve tasks. Events for participants in the home office should also remain in the memory for a long time and create shared, joyful memories. That’s why we focus on an entertaining and cheerful design.

You can look forward to the popular “right-or-wrong” questions and a fast-paced question-and-answer quiz, in which participants collect more points the faster they choose the right answer. The well-known knockout quiz is also represented.

The winners are duly celebrated at the end – with virtual confetti and a fanfare.

If the participants like to dress up according to the Christmas theme, we look forward to a wide variety of costumes, from Santa Claus to Krampus. Let your creativity run wild.


Quizmas Live online: Intuitive usability and data protection

For our Quizmas Live online, you need an Internet-enabled PC or iPad with one of the popular browsers, as well as a smartphone. Before the quiz begins, we send all participants

the link to the event. The login process is straightforward and quick. All your employees have to do is enter their name. No download is required. The moderator guides through the entertaining live show via one of the common video conferencing tools.

Teambuilding online in a festive setting

The virtual Quizmas Live is ideal for bringing together team members who live far away from each other for an atmospheric end-of-year event without the need for a lot of travel. In this way, you can thank them for their successful cooperation. The Quize elements playfully ensure cohesion and a personal exchange beyond meetings with a tightly scheduled agenda. In this way, you strengthen the “we” feeling over long distances and create the perfect basis for the start of the new year.

You still have questions or need individual advice?

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