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Virtual Kick off

With our virtual kick-off events, you and your employees start the new business year or new projects motivated and with lots of energy. Our team events motivate, strengthen cohesion and the feeling of togetherness, and last but not least, they are a lot of fun. Contact us here!

  • Blockbuster Online Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Blockbuster Online

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    And the Oscar goes to... Shoot an award-worthy film trailer with your colleagues from your home office and take part in the virtual...

  • Diamonds of Amazonia Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Diamonds of Amazonia

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    Diamonds are forever, or so they say. But are you bold enough to risk everything in a daring jungle raid for the precious gems?

  • Game Show Online teamevent Spielgestalter

    Game Show Live

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    Become a candidate of the virtual quiz show and follow the score in real time. In the livestream, our charming moderator comments...

  • Virtuelles Teamevent Global Festival Game Logo

    Global Festival Game

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    This multifaceted online event takes participants to a virtual festival site. Who will walk off the stage as the winner after the...

  • Spielgestalter virtuelles Event Akte Balotti

    Online Team-Investigation: Case Balotti

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    The CSI Chief Inspector is at a loss and asks your team for assistance in a murder case!

  • Spielgestalter virtuelles Event Akte Balotti

    Online Team-Investigation: The Vineyard Murder

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    A celebrity vintner is found dead among his vines. Can you shed light on this mystery and find his killers?

What our customers say

"After the event, many employees came to us and thanked us: finally taking part in a game that you usually only see on TV. Many even said that it was the best team event they had ever taken part in."

Meryem Yilmaz

Bayer AG

"Thank you again for this great event. I'm happy to recommend you to others."

Claudia Metzger


"From today's conversations - back here in the offices - all the good feedback and memories are coming together: Adrenaline, team building, fun, excitement. Finally, something completely new. Thank you."

Bianca Otto


Online team building with Spielgestalter

New business year or new projects? – Our online team building events provide the ideal start: they motivate your employees, strengthen team spirit and promote key competencies. And they’re fun, too! Browse through our innovative and diverse range of events!

Online team building as an ideal start – innovative and customized

No matter whether you want to get participants of an online conference in the mood, add an energizer to the agenda of a virtual meeting or increase the WE feeling of the new project group. We offer you the right online team building for every occasion. Benefit from our experience with online events!

Digital solutions for successful collaboration

With an online team building event, you can bring a breath of fresh air into the digital conference room. Because it’s clear: Good performance – in the negotiation round and in the project team – requires a positive atmosphere and a certain degree of trust. The best way to lay the foundation for this is within the framework of an online team building. In a playful setting, the participants get to know each other better, experience adventures together, and can explore and optimize their cooperation and communication skills.

Online team building: our offer for you

Many events take place online. Meetings, conferences, training sessions or regular exchanges with employees who are doing their work within their own four walls – the occasions are many and varied. Depending on the occasion and the number of participants, you can choose a special online team building.

Larger groups with up to 1000 participants slip into the role of special investigators in CSI Home Office: A soccer icon has been found dead. Was it an accident or murder? Only your team of special investigators can drain the swamp of intrigue, power and murder and solve the case. Time is running out …

Instead of solving a criminal case, you can invite your employees to shoot a movie. Our popular Blockbuster team event for 20 to 350 participants is also available in an online version. Small groups shoot a film together. Will you choose a comedy, a drama or a commercial? Participants playfully tinker with their collaborative work while working on relevant content – adding value for everyone involved. At the end, a jury selects the submitted films and hands out the Oscars in style.

Perhaps not every employee is convinced by online meetings and home offices, or you want to offer globally networked teams some time together in a relaxed atmosphere? In our Game Show live, participants experience rousing WE moments. They get to know each other from a new side and mutual trust grows. And at the latest, when the fighting spirit flashes in the eye of the opponent, their own ambition is awakened!

Mountain enthusiastic employees or globally networked teams will be thrilled by Peak Performance Online or the Race around the Word online. These fun challenges present participants with unimagined challenges, providing thrills and insights that still resonate at their desks. In Peak Performance online, your employees become expedition leaders who must lead their climbers to the roof of the world and return them safely to base camp after the summit assault. The conditions are difficult. Will you risk it?

Race around the World is a fast-paced online challenge. It creates a cheerful and buoyant atmosphere and welds the participants together – the ideal team building. Which variant do the groups choose: the train challenge in Montreal for 75 points or the ship challenge in Vancouver – for an impressive 150 points? Joint agreements and efficient communication decide on the victory.

Online team building: technical requirements

For some activities, participants need our award-winning Go Team app. We provide it to you free of charge. For other teambuilding events, all you need is a PC, a standard Internet browser and a stable Internet connection.

Talk to us. Together we can organize the ideal event!