Outdoor Teamevents Spielgestalter

Outdoor events

Our flexible outdoor events offer you numerous possibilities to create your team event in the open air, at a location of your choice. Nationwide. Should the weather not cooperate, we offer bad weather insurance: Click here for information!

  • Blockbuster Teamevent Spielgestalter


    Germany wide

    Shoot a movie trailer with your team and look forward to the atmospheric Oscar ceremony in the circle of colleagues.

  • Building Bridges Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Building Bridges

    Germany wide

    You and your team can overcome anything if you link up to build a bridge and find out what is your keystone.

  • Company Cup Online Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Company Cup

    An action-packed team challenge in the open air. Challenge your team!

  • Escape the City Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Escape The City

    Germany wide

    Escape the city with your team in this exciting city adventure.

  • Escape the Forest Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Escape The Forest

    Germany wide

    Get out of the forest of terror in this unique geocaching team event! Find and solve the tricky puzzle stations.

  • Floßbau teamevent Spielgestalter

    Raft Building

    Düsseldorf, Köln

    Build a raft with your team in this action-packed team event.

  • Rafting

    Düsseldorf, Köln

    Here everyone is in the same boat. Book a fun-filled, exciting rafting tour on the Rhine or on the Sieg!

  • Teamevent Urban Challenge

    Urban Challenge Köln


    A playful expedition in the historic old town of the "most beautiful city in Germany", Cologne on the Rhine.

  • Urban Challenge Dusseldorf


    A playful expedition in the old town of the capital of NRW and home to the "longest bar in the world".

  • Teamevent Urban Challenge

    Urban Challenge Frankfurt


    A playful expedition in the old town of Frankfurt am Main with lots of fun and interesting facts.

What our customers say

"After the event, many employees came to us and thanked us: finally taking part in a game that you usually only see on TV. Many even said that it was the best team event they had ever taken part in."

Meryem Yilmaz

Bayer AG

"Thank you again for this great event. I'm happy to recommend you to others."

Claudia Metzger


"From today's conversations - back here in the offices - all the good feedback and memories are coming together: Adrenaline, team building, fun, excitement. Finally, something completely new. Thank you."

Bianca Otto


Outdoor events

Whether raft building, Urban Challenge or Escape the City – at our outdoor events, participants can experience community and a sense of togetherness in a new way: Teambuilding with lots of fun under the open sky. During the joint outdoor team event, hidden talents are revealed and new ideas are generated in the group. Choose from our exciting event concepts and strengthen your team structure with one of our outdoor events.

Outdoor events: Action everywhere!

Our city rallies and team challenges are also ideal as company outings – whether to Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin or anywhere in Germany. Experience the culture and environment of your home country with our team building outdoor events! Do you prefer adventure in the great outdoors? Our outdoor events are pure teambuilding. The big advantage for you: we design your company event at a location of your choice!

Outdoor events in any weather

With us, you can plan regardless of the weather – we will secure a bad weather alternative to the planned date upon request. We tailor our outdoor team events individually to your company and your wishes, with a varied and innovative program. Contact us!

Conquer your city and get to know the culture and surroundings of your home with one of our lively city and outdoor events!