Online team events - new momentum with virtual framework program

Conferences lasting several hours or a marathon of short meetings demand a high level of commitment from all participants – online and offline. Online events are considered more exhausting compared to face-to-face meetings. At the same time, in times of home offices and globally networked teams, there is a need for ways to create social connectedness and strengthen mutual trust.

We provide the perfect setting for your online team event. In the following sections, we will show you how this works.

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What our customers say

"After the event, many employees came to us and thanked us: finally taking part in a game that you usually only see on TV. Many even said that it was the best team event they had ever taken part in."

Meryem Yilmaz

Bayer AG

"Thank you again for this great event. I'm happy to recommend you to others."

Claudia Metzger


"From today's conversations - back here in the offices - all the good feedback and memories are coming together: Adrenaline, team building, fun, excitement. Finally, something completely new. Thank you."

Bianca Otto


Online team events –
With framework programs and team building against zoom fatigue

In principle, it doesn’t matter whether an online meeting is being held with familiar faces or a completely new team. The start quickly seems cramped or stilted, either because the physical distance also means a personal estrangement for the employees or because the meeting participants do not yet know each other at all. This invisible wall must be overcome.
Because one thing is clear: A central pillar for corporate success lies in the technical know-how of the employees. However, this potential can only unfold if the framework and atmosphere are right. A sense of unity, team spirit and productivity do not develop on their own. Trust and honest communication require emotional contact, not just technical discussions and working through a common agenda. For the new normality, new opportunities for encounters are needed – beyond the canteen and coffee kitchen. In the same way, digital conferences must enable participants to get to know each other better on a casual personal level.
We bring to our offering more than 10 years of experience in event planning and team building – virtually and offline. For example, we have shown countless times that online team events can also be fun “remotely” and build and strengthen emotional connections. Nothing stands in the way of a productive meeting after a virtual energizer.

Online team events – team building events for the virtual space

How about Swipe Face, for example, to break the awkward silence at the beginning of a virtual meeting? In this spectacular photo contest, you’ll get to know your colleagues from a whole new side. Or have you ever seen the team leader’s face when he lets out a lion roar? Or the developer with an “inflated balloon face”? An experienced facilitator guides the group through the game and keeps the atmosphere open and fun.
Would you like the participants to get to know each other better personally? Then take advantage of our fun-filled Breakout Bingo. Equipped with an app, participants get to know each other
Get to know each other better via questions on their virtual bingo cards. They recognize commonalities, and improve their communication skills. The game encourages a desire to win while creating an inclusive atmosphere.
If participants find themselves in front of the screen after a long day at work, our online meditation would be the ideal option. Together you will discover the power of silence and dive into a world of relaxation – each for himself and at the same time connected with each other. The positive effects of meditation are now well researched. Embark on a relaxing journey and start the meeting with fresh energy.
Participants experience our eChoir in an equally energizing way. Singing connects and ensures a clear head. For all participants to reveal their singing talent without stress, they can record their performance with their smartphone. We arrange the individual voices into a wonderful choir. If you wish, we can record the joint performance and create a lasting memory from it.

We would be happy to advise you on which tools or technical requirements are needed for the individual online team events. Please contact us!