Markus Rüse | Founder & CEO

Spielgestalter Teammitglied

For me, this is what disitinguishes a good team

Freely adapted from Simon Sinek: “A team is not a group of people who work together, but a group of people who trust each other!”


My feel-good place

Outside in summer, looking into a relaxing campfire.


To clear my head…

…I try my hand at golf, leaving no resources for other thoughts.


That makes me laugh

3D animated cartoons, especially the films by Pixar & Dreamworks


Superhero of my childhood

“Green Lantern” or “Green Light”. I really envied that character for that ring….

 Sascha Lamp | Event manager

Spielgestalter Teammitglied

This is what characterizes a good team for me

Trust, a respectful approach & honesty


These 3 celebrities, dead or alive, I would invite to a dinner party

Guy Ritchie, Tom Brady & LeBron James


My feel-good place

The Gold Coast in Australia


Heroes of my childhood

Captain Tsubasa


This is what I do to clear my head

Go fishing or play football

 Kira Müller | Marketing & PR-Manager

Spielgestalter Teammitglied

For me, that’s what makes a good team

Here I would like to quote Oskar Stock: “Team spirit is still very much in demand today, because it’s easier to work as a team; but the community won’t last long if you don’t pull together.


My feel-good place

is a small town called Bathurst, west of Sydney in Australia. It has the best view of the stars at night.


The best food in the world for me is

Grandma’s vegetable soup


I can’t live without



Superhero of my childhood

Sailor Moon