Beat the Virus

Beat the Virus Teamevent Spielgestalter

Beat the Virus

A Mobile Escape Game with a Competitive Edge

The world is in peril! A ruthless international corporation has developed a synthetic virus in one of their secret underground labs. Once released, it befalls the human brain’s ability to communicate and cooperate in order to rid the corporation of pesky competitors. DNA LABORATORY CORPORATION has been tasked by the government with developing an antidote. But disaster struck and in a grievous freak accident in of their labs the virus has leaked and infected the entire scientific staff.


Your Task: Really Simple – Save the World

DNA LABORATORY CORPORATION needs your help. Each of your teams receives a steel case in which preliminary research developments have been compiled for you. The first team to develop the antidote can look forward to fame and fortune as well as the gratitude of the entire planet for having averted a looming pandemic.

Spielgestalter Teamevent Atmosphere
Beat the Virus Teamevent Spielgestalter

Learnings and Outcome

Participants will have to withstand two kinds of pressure: On the one hand they are under time constraint, working against a merciless countdown. On the other hand, they face stiff competition from other scientific teams who are aiming at glory, too. Only by sifting out irrelevant information from vital clues, will be able to succeed.  A well-thought-out role allocation and systematic processing of information are absolutely vital to finding the antidote in time. An exciting blend of thinking outside the box, logic, communication and creativity automatically tickles the competitive spirit of your teams.

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