Big Picture

Big Picture Teamevent Spielgestalter

Big Picture

Big Picture – A Creative Team Event

Our team event – Big Picture – takes you out of your company’s everyday routine. Using paintbrushes, paints and canvas, you as a team create an impressive work of art. Whether you aim to visualise mission statements or company values, this event emphasizes just how much the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. Prior to the event we create an individual blueprint of the artwork, together with you. Your company’s core values, messages or mission statements can be visualized. The artwork is then segmented into pieces that teams will be working on, oblivious to the big picture. By the end of the event, all the individual canvas parts combine together and everyone will experience the proverbial big picture in its entirety.


Communication and Creativity

Big Picture not only requires their creativity from your participants, but also a fair deal of communication. Appropriately equipped with overalls, paintbrushes, paints and canvas, their first task is to blend the right hues. This is where teamwork comes in: only if all of your participants take the neighboring pieces and their shades of color into consideration, can you create a true masterpiece.


Creative Event With A Grand Finale

In the great finale all the pieces will be assembled behind a curtain. Hidden from curious eyes they begin to form the bigger picture. The moment when the curtain falls and the whole team experiences the big picture for the first time is the absolute highlight of this event. It is our experience that this moment usually goes down in thundering applause. The impact of that moment when your team first experiences their mutually created artwork makes Big Picture one particularly emotional creative event.

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Big Picture Teamevent Spielgestalter
Big Picture Teamevent Spielgestalter

Painting As A Team Event

Big Picture is about way more than just painting something. Big Picture encompasses to your team, just how far communication, team work and a sense of looking at the greater good can take you and your company. Further aspects of training and experience are project planning, interdivisional cooperation and an increase in team spirit.

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