Knowing Me Knowing You

Knowing Me Knowing you Teamevent Spielgestalter

Knowing Me Knowing You

Playfully Making Acquaintances

Knowing Me – Knowing You is an enjoyable icebreaker, where points are scored for your team by discovering what you have in common with the other participants. The main goal in this game is to bring strangers together and break the ice, so your new team has a chance to become familiar with one another.

Similarities Build Bridges

The activity kicks off with a little warm-up, to bring everyone into a subgroup, followed by an exchange of personal and business-related similarities in order to score points. After each round points will be counted and new topics introduced.

It’s All About the Enjoyment

At the end of the game, when all the points have been scored and the champions have been determined, your participants will be strangers no more. They will be eager to learn more about one another while the competitive structure and unique matrix of the game maintain a high energy level and a good amount of fun.

Teamevent Knowing me knowing you
Knowing Me Knowing you Teamevent Spielgestalter
teamevent Knowing me Knowing you

Human Bingo

Relationships matter and a well-connected team of staff is a tangible asset for any enterprise. Knowing Me – Knowing You helps build new bridges among your participants and paves the way to smooth cooperation. We’ll be happy to modify this event according to your needs and give you a bespoke team experience!

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