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Company Cup Online Teamevent Spielgestalter

Company Cup

Team Challenge With Guaranteed Fun

Sensational, how your colleagues are gliding underneath that limbo stick to the hot rhythms of Samba. Give it up for them! Are they scoring enough points to make it to the top in these hilarious summer olympics?

Summer, Sun, Competition

Experience an extraordinary summer’s day together with your team. An engaging and entertaining team challenge awaits you. This doesn’t only demand your skills, but also a good amount of teamwork! Your participants can prove their skills and score points at limbo dancing, crossboule, water volleyball and many other disciplines. Who’s going to be your team’s champion? Due to the high variety of disciplines, there’s something for everybody. Try slow cycling for example, cycling along a set route as slowly as possible to the cheers of your co-workers. Or try to increase your team’s score through a few precise hurls at crossboule. This team exercise guarantees thunderous applause if you are one of the winning teams.

Teamwork As Key To Success / Individual Choice Of Games

Communication and teamwork are absolutely vital, in order to make your team the number one scorer. Who is your team sending into each competition? Who can best assess their capabilities? You can choose from a wide array of games, according to the taste and fitness of your team. We will be happy to come up with new and bespoke solutions to make your team Olympics an absolutely unique experience. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities!

Company Cup Online Teamevent Spielgestalter
Company Cup Online Teamevent Spielgestalter
Company Cup teamevent

More Team Spirit With The Indoor Challenge

Each competition uses movement, teamwork and fun to bond the teams closer together. Each individual contributes their (hidden) skills to the group’s success. Not only does this increase the participant’s self-esteem but also mutual trust.

Würfel blau
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    Germany wide

    Shoot a movie trailer with your team and look forward to the atmospheric Oscar ceremony in the circle of colleagues.

  • Global Innovation Game Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Global Innovation Game

    Germany wide

    Create and present new ideas at this unique team event. Fun guaranteed!

  • Tische versenken

    In this fun-filled quiz in the style of a classic TV and game show, you are the participants.

  • Teamevent Urban Challenge

    Urban Challenge Köln


    A playful expedition in the historic old town of the "most beautiful city in Germany", Cologne on the Rhine.