Trade Empire

Teamevent Tradeempire

Trade Empire

The business trading simulation in various guises

With your hands full of gold and diamonds, your colleague stands in front of you and wants to buy your tobacco goods at any price. But from insider information, you know that this person will get top prices in the next round and the gold and diamond price will fall. An exciting negotiation begins.

New York in the 1920s, or the exciting age of pirates

In Trade Empire, you and your team slip into the roles of gangster families in 1920s New York. It’s all about trading diamonds, alcohol, caviar and tobacco as well as important information and when you can turn what into money.

In this entertaining team event, negotiating skills and tactics are required to end up as the most successful gangster family. Trade Empire offers participants a fun way to try out a variety of negotiation tactics.

Each gangster family consists of 5-7 participants and is equipped at the beginning with some possessions (gold, money, diamonds, etc.) as well as unique information that can be useful to both their own and other teams during the course of the game. During the game, it’s up to the groups to negotiate as skillfully as possible and use or pass on the information at the right time.

Trade Empire lets participants experience an exciting team competition for the crown of the New York underworld in the style of the 1920s. The atmospheric setting increases the fun factor for the players and boosts both the commitment and motivation of the participants. The event concludes with an award ceremony in true style. This event will be remembered by you and your colleagues for a long time!

The theme around gangster families in New York is not the right one for you?

No problem! Because we also offer our Trade Empire in the style of real pirates. Become part of the crew of the Black Beard and trade rum and gold coins. Our pirate edition requires the same tactics and negotiation skills. The only difference is the setting and the commodities to be traded. Swing on deck with us and cast off!

Teamevent Tradeempire Teilnehmerfoto
Teamevent Tradeempire Teilnehmerfoto
Teamevent Tradeempire Teilnehmerfoto

The business game on the subject of trade and trust relations.

The playful and atmospheric setting of Trade Empire quickly leads the participants into a game world in which communication and negotiation skills are required to achieve a better trade balance than the other teams. In this way, participants playfully experience the direct relationship between trust and trade.

Win-win as the key to success

Although all teams compete against each other, the most successful groups at the end are those that have worked most effectively with the opposing teams. The key is to build trust to create win-win situations while not losing sight of your own goals. Inquire now without obligation!

Reflection for sustainable learning processes

After the successfully completed event, strategies can be compared, upon request, in order to transfer effective learning processes to the workplace.

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