Online Team-Investigation: Case Balotti

Online Team-Investigation: Case Balotti

A thrilling online crime investigation event

He used to be one of the Premier League’s finest, a star on the pitch. Now he is one of the Criminal Investigation Department’s cold cases: A football icon washed up on the shores of Lake Glaspen and found by terrified passers-by, was it an accident? Early investigations into the death of the scandal-stricken footballer revealed that the sportsman was not exactly a choirboy, and was subsequently caught up in bribery. Now, the case is to be opened again and solved with your help! Your team of special investigators is taking over the case with the aim of quickly answering many open ended questions. Are you and your team ready to immerse yourselves in a conspiracy of bribery, power, mayhem and murder?

Scream bloody murder? Your investigation will decide!

The potential crime scene has long since been cleaned up. All you have to help you are the notes and pieces of evidence earlier investigators could gather, as well as international police databases. A lot of material waits to be assessed by you in this online event. But be careful: some of the documents may be red herrings, deliberately placed in your files as subterfuge. Who had a motive? Who had the opportunity? Who has a false alibi? Find your way out of this web of entanglement and keep a keen mind in this team challenge.

Teamwork as key to success in this online event

Your budget and therefore your investigation time have been slashed, leaving you forced to use your team most effectively, and designate tasks accordingly. Each team member will become an expert in their own field. Information has to be shared and decisions have to be made mutually. This team building activity requires time management skills if you want to close the investigations promptly.

Online Team Investigation: Die Akte Balotti Teamevent Spielgestalter
Sinkendes Boot CSI

Investigating from your home office

For Online Team-Investigation all our participants need is a notebook, a video conferencing tool, and a web browser.  This way you have access to our investigational databases and the necessary material whilst being able to freely debate within your team. The most successful teams are the ones co-operating, showcasing their best teamwork.

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