Haka Tanz teamevent Spielgestalter


Haka. What’s This Then?

Haka is what the Maori of New Zealand call their imposing war dance. A unified display of strength and skill, that is intimidating even to the most undaunted opponent. The purpose of this dance is to collect yourselves, feel courage through your group, standing tall and finding strength in community.

Haka was popularised by the All-Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team. They do the Haka before any match, intimidating their opponents with their demonstration of power, will and courage..”

Participation – with smartphone and computer on the festival stage

Haka – How We Do It

Guided by our energised hosts, your team will first be familiarised with the background and heritage of the Haka. Then they begin with warm-up exercises for both body and voice before learning the individual elements step by step. Larger groups can be divided into teams and thereby create a competitive Haka experience. Which team is the loudest? Which is the most passionate? Haka can be celebrated both in- and outdoors, as part of employee day, team building exercises or as an impressive icebreaker at conferences.

Spielgestalter Teamevent Haka Tanz
Haka Tanz teamevent Spielgestalter
Haka Tanz teamevent Spielgestalter

Sustainable team building: something for every taste

The Global Festival Game deliberately focuses on variety so that all participants get their money’s worth and can use their knowledge from their preferred music genre. The unfamiliar environment triggers reflection processes on one’s own problem-solving abilities, and the various tasks challenge employees on different levels. In this way, new talents become visible.

We will gladly send you the results of the photo challenges. In this way, you create lasting memories that will be the topic of conversation again and again. In addition, the participants get to know each other better during the relaxed, shared time and strengthen the team spirit.

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