The Hand Project

The Hand Project

Teamwork For A Good Cause

Collectively creating something as a team, making a tangible difference to someone else’s life. That is what Helping Hands is all about. Certainly a touching task, during the event and after. A project that will let the individual as well as the team do their part very consciously and carefully. But the focus is really on the recipient of the product: millions of people are living with only one hand. Many of whom have lost it due to an accident or a land mine. A prosthetic hand gives them back a big deal of autonomy over their lives.

Responsible Cooperation

In teams of three to five people, 30 individual elements have to be assembled to create a working prosthetic, with the help of a manual. This takes good communication and mutual support, because many of the steps require several hands at once. You are creating a mutually made product, but also a mutually made sense of team spirit.

A Shared Signature

After making sure the prosthetic works well there is packaging to be taken care of. The teams can design an individual transport bag that will contain a signed photograph of the team next to the prosthetic itself. If you like you can also add a letter to the recipient. When the packages are given to the recipients during the “fitting days”, the future owner of the prosthetic can take a photo of themself with the packaging you designed (if they prefer to do so, of course). Such photographs would then be sent back to your teams as a gift.

This CSR Event Brings People Together

Even if Helping Hands deals with quite a serious issue, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! The way this CSR event is set up involves a lot of team communication, cooperation, team spirit and a decrease in barriers and distances. Furthermore the focus on a good cause brings about a healthy change of perspective and sharpens the participants’ perception of social responsibility. Further aspects of training and experience are leadership without managerial responsibility as well as building up trust.

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