Betriebsausflug Spielgestalter

Individual team days throughout Germany

Get your team together for a day of activities that will leave you and your employees energized and inspired, you deserve the break! Contact us for advice on event options.

  • Big Picture Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Big Picture

    Germany wide

    Create a lasting memory and visualize goals & company values.

  • Blockbuster Teamevent Spielgestalter


    Germany wide

    Shoot a movie trailer with your team and look forward to the atmospheric Oscar ceremony in the circle of colleagues.

  • Building Bridges Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Building Bridges

    Germany wide

    You and your team can overcome anything if you link up to build a bridge and find out what is your keystone.

  • Teamevent Urban Challenge

    Urban Challenge Köln


    A playful expedition in the historic old town of the "most beautiful city in Germany", Cologne on the Rhine.

  • Urban Challenge Dusseldorf


    A playful expedition in the old town of the capital of NRW and home to the "longest bar in the world".

  • Teamevent Urban Challenge

    Urban Challenge Frankfurt


    A playful expedition in the old town of Frankfurt am Main with lots of fun and interesting facts.

What our customers say

"After the event, many employees came to us and thanked us: finally taking part in a game that you usually only see on TV. Many even said that it was the best team event they had ever taken part in."

Meryem Yilmaz

Bayer AG

"Thank you again for this great event. I'm happy to recommend you to others."

Claudia Metzger


"From today's conversations - back here in the offices - all the good feedback and memories are coming together: Adrenaline, team building, fun, excitement. Finally, something completely new. Thank you."

Bianca Otto


Team day with Spielgestalter

With our original ideas for team days your company event will become a refreshing event, which will improve the team spirit and the working atmosphere in your team. No matter at which location and whether indoor or outdoor, with us you will find the suitable program for your team day. We are happy to advise you!

Team day – ideas for every occasion

You want to reward your team with a special company event after the successful completion of an elaborate project or at the end of a busy business year? Are you planning a team building activity as part of a kick-off event, a meeting or conference, a seminar, workshop or other training event? Your company or department is currently in a restructuring phase and you want to motivate and bond your team with a team event during this turbulent time? Then a team day with the game designers is just the right thing for you! With our original and exciting programs for team days you will not only express recognition and appreciation towards your employees, but also fresh motivation and new cohesion in your team. Get more information!

Team day – Strengthen and unite teams

You are probably familiar with this situation: A newly formed team is thrown together in a motley fashion, the employees hardly know each other and there is initially no common basis on which to build a functioning and effective unit. Or there are changes in an existing team, new employees have to be integrated and a well-rehearsed team has to be formed again. A team day gives colleagues the opportunity to get to know each other better, build trust, make new contacts and deepen existing ones outside of the work environment in a new setting during joint activities. In this way, personal relationships develop, grow and mature, and with them the cohesion and sense of togetherness within your team. This in turn has a positive effect on the working atmosphere. And with a sense of community, team spirit and a good working atmosphere, your employees will go to work motivated and happy to work together as a stable, productive and efficient team. Whether you want to organize your team day as a team building event, as a company outing or as an end-of-year event in connection with a company Christmas party, you will find a wide range of ideas and programs for team days with us! Browse through our rich pool of offers for team events or give us a call!

Team day – success through gamification

Our creative ideas for corporate events focus on fun, variety and a sense of community. We use the approach of gamification. Contents such as communication, (interdepartmental) cooperation or “thinking out of the box” are trained together in a playful way. Afterwards, what is experienced and learned together can be transferred to everyday work and thus used to sustainably improve mutual understanding, cooperation and processes. It is important that you choose the right program for your team day based on the wishes and interests of your employees. Because only if your employees “want” to participate in your team day with fun and joy, instead of “having to”, will they be motivated, open and willing to get involved in new things. Find out how your team day can be a complete success with gamification and us!

Team day – outdoor or indoor

Are you looking for innovative ideas for an eventful team day outdoors? With our suggestions for outdoor events you will surely find what you are looking for! For example, how about our fun-filled team olympics Company Cup, where each individual contributes to the success of the whole group through their individual, perhaps even hidden skills. A great way to grow together as a team! Just like building a raft together or our splashy rafting tour! However, if you prefer to act independently of the weather at your company event, we also offer a wide range of programs for team days with our indoor events. For example, our mobile escape games Beat the Box and Beat the Virus, which require communication, cooperation and “thinking outside the box”, are very popular. Our exciting VR challenge The Infinite Loop is also based on communication and real-time collaboration. And our Film Shooting Blockbuster unites your employees as they literally slip into completely new roles. With these and our other diverse ideas and possibilities for team events, we will turn your team day into a unique experience that will sustainably unite and weld your team together. Contact us!