Teamevent Sommerfest

Summer party

At our summer party, the main focus is on fun and communication. This strengthens the feeling of team spirit and brings the team together on a personal and working level. If you have any questions or requests, we will be pleased to advise you!!

  • Beat the Box Teaser Logo

    Beat the Box

    Europe wide, Germany wide

    Our BESTSELLER! The mobile teambuilding in the style of Escape the Room. Playable everywhere in the world!

  • Blockbuster Teamevent Spielgestalter


    Germany wide

    Shoot a movie trailer with your team and look forward to the atmospheric Oscar ceremony in the circle of colleagues.

  • Boom Time Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Boom Time

    Germany wide

    If a jolt of energy is what you were looking for, you have come to the right place!

  • Building Bridges Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Building Bridges

    Germany wide

    You and your team can overcome anything if you link up to build a bridge and find out what is your keystone.

  • Chain Reaction Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Chain Reaction

    Germany wide

    A simple game taken to a spectacular level. Everyone knows dominoes. Chain Reaction takes that game and supercharges it. Tip over...

  • Company Cup Online Teamevent Spielgestalter

    Company Cup

    An action-packed team challenge in the open air. Challenge your team!

  • iChallenge Teameven Spielgestalter


    Germany wide

    Puzzle your way through this team challenge with your team and discover unimagined creativity together!

  • Teamevent Tradeempire Zubehör

    Trade Empire

    Germany wide

    An exciting business trading simulation about diamonds, alcohol and tobacco. Also playable in pirate style!

What our customers say

"After the event, many employees came to us and thanked us: finally taking part in a game that you usually only see on TV. Many even said that it was the best team event they had ever taken part in."

Meryem Yilmaz

Bayer AG

"Thank you again for this great event. I'm happy to recommend you to others."

Claudia Metzger


"From today's conversations - back here in the offices - all the good feedback and memories are coming together: Adrenaline, team building, fun, excitement. Finally, something completely new. Thank you."

Bianca Otto


An unforgettable summer party for your employees – with Spielgestalter

Like every year, you are faced with the challenge: you want to organize a summer party for your staff that they will talk about enthusiastically for a long time to come. Moreover, such a celebration is the perfect opportunity for personal exchange and to strengthen the bond to the company. Perhaps you would also like to invite business partners or special customers to simply say “thank you”.

We have been realizing innovative summer parties for many years. In doing so, the wishes and needs of our customers are our top priority. The relaxed and cheerful atmosphere provides a change from the daily work routine and offers a special experience that stands out from classic summer parties. The enthusiastic reactions of our customers motivate us to further optimize our offer for you.

Summer party with gamification elements: innovative and engaging

Events and company celebrations with that certain something – that’s what gamification offers. Professional roles and the status associated with them are part of daily routines. They provide effective structures and enable optimal work results. The personal level is often left out of the equation. Yet it is a central resource for strengthening the WE feeling.

In the game, the participants step out of the usual structures – they face each other at eye level, no one has a knowledge advantage. Instead, the focus is on motivation, fun and curiosity. The participants get to know other, often unexpected sides of their colleagues. They learn about unusual hobbies, amusing misadventures or long-cherished dreams. The playful competition takes the edge off the often tough day-to-day work and brings employees closer together. Our experience shows: such experiences have a lasting effect and improve the working atmosphere and the motivation to achieve common goals.

Our offer for your summer party – the most popular events for summer parties & co.

How about the iChallenge, our tricky and fun iPad challenge? The clock is ticking, the participants have to collect additional points – even if the table in front on the left seems so sure of victory.

Or we take your employees to 1920s New York with Trade Empire. Everything revolves around money, gold and gangsters. The most skillful tacticians and cunning negotiators will emerge victorious in the end. Are your employees ready for the underground?

Would you like to realize a blockbuster together with your employees – from the idea, to the script, to the final cut. Then take this opportunity! We take care of the details.

Our Chain Reaction is a real burner: Participants work together in groups to build a giant chain reaction. They wait spellbound for the ball to roll and the catapult to be triggered, and are amazed at how the car speeds down the ramp. Do all the elements really mesh? Only if each team makes its contribution can the overall project succeed – does this sound familiar from everyday business life?

With Beat the Box, you become part of a mobile Escape Game: a screen, a hooded stranger who challenges your employees to a challenge, and an aluminum box for each team. What does it mean? What challenges to overcome and who will be the winner in the end?

Always on the safe side: our guarantee for a smooth summer party

No organization, no matter how perfect, can control the weather. With our bad-weather guarantee, your summer party will certainly not fall through – no matter what the weather gods decide. Because our bad weather insurance allows you to change to an indoor variant up to 3 days before the event. We will advise you on an alternative program and promise that your employees will have fond memories of this year’s summer party. Even if it rains and storms.

Conclusion: The 5 most important reasons for a summer party with us

  1. We have years of expertise.
  2. Our range of services is diverse and we flexibly adapt each summer party to your ideas.
  3. Playful elements create a relaxed atmosphere and increase the bond to the company.
  4. We are ready for action all over Germany.
  5. You receive a bad weather guarantee.