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Unique ideas for corporate events - nationwide

With commitment and heart and soul we provide extraordinary experiences and more “we-feeling” at your next team event. Take advantage of our years of know-how and our creative and innovative ideas for your company events. All programs for our inspiring team events are also available in English upon request. And you are free to choose the location for your company event, because we also offer all our company event ideas nationwide beyond NRW. We have special team event offers for you in selected regions. If you have any questions or would like to develop an individual proposal for your company event, simply contact us!


  • Spielgestalter virtuelles Event Akte Balotti

    Online Team-Investigation: Case Balotti

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    The CSI Chief Inspector is at a loss and asks your team for assistance in a murder case!

  • Spielgestalter virtuelles Event Akte Balotti

    Online Team-Investigation: The Vineyard Murder

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    A celebrity vintner is found dead among his vines. Can you shed light on this mystery and find his killers?

  • Game Show Online teamevent Spielgestalter

    Game Show Live

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    Become a candidate of the virtual quiz show and follow the score in real time. In the livestream, our charming moderator comments...

  • Race Around The World

    Europe wide, Germany wide, Worldwide

    It took Phileas Fogg 80 days to circumnavigate the world. In this day and age you will have to be a bit quicker than that…

Our corporate events. Ideas with heart and brain

To motivate your employees, we use the game as a method for all our corporate events

The advantages of the so-called gamification approach:

It enables a playful way of getting to know each other outside of the usual environment
Personal barriers between employees are broken down through communication inside and outside the game
The shared experience builds up personal relationships between the participants or intensifies them.

In this way, our team events create a “we” feeling, which is eminently important for successful teamwork, as the relationship level has an enormous influence on the factual level.

Our corporate events. Ideas for every occasion

Stop the merciless countdown with our bestseller, the mobile Escape Game Beat the Box, turn a city of your choice into a playing field with our Urban Challenge! Merge with your workforce to create a working symphony orchestra, take on entirely new roles at Block Buster, or lead your team to the roof of the world with iPads and real-world challenges at Peak Performance! Whatever the occasion and whatever the group you are looking for the right team event – our diverse corporate event ideas offer you a wide range of varied, unusual and extraordinary options for your corporate event. Whether action-packed and exciting or creative and tricky – our employee events bring participants closer together, break down barriers, strengthen team spirit and promote motivation.

Our corporate events – ideas for team building

Together we are strong – that is the idea behind our teambuilding events. Create a great whole together as a team at our corporate event ideas like Big Picture, visualizing your company’s values and goals! Bridge distances in the truest sense of the word at Building Bridges! Or experience in a playful way with our team event Chain Reaction that common goals can only be achieved if all employees and departments of your company work together in an optimally coordinated way! If desired, even products of your company can be used! Whichever of our numerous ideas for company events you choose, our teambuilding activities will create fun, a good mood and motivation and let your employees experience abstract company values such as collegiality, cooperation, collaboration and a sense of “we” at first hand.

Our corporate events – ideas for company outings

“The main thing is that you have fun” could be the advertising slogan for our programs for company outings. With our unusual ideas for company events, we guarantee you lots of fun, movement and action at your team event, from action-packed raft building to a splashy rafting tour to an exciting soapbox event! However, if you prefer your company outing to be a little less adrenaline-filled, our interactive crime geocaching team investigation, for example, will provide plenty of excitement and thrills. With these and our numerous other corporate event ideas, you can strengthen your team’s sense of community and give your colleagues the opportunity to get to know and understand each other better outside their usual working environment. Give your employees unique shared experiences with our company outing ideas that strengthen the sense of togetherness, weld your team together and thus sustainably increase the working atmosphere and motivation!

Our company events – ideas for meetings and congresses

Meetings, conferences and congresses need one thing above all: motivated, interested and alert participants. Especially when there is a lot of theoretical stuff in the center of attention, concentration and commitment can quickly wane. This is when our inspiring supporting programs for events are needed to bring back attention and motivation. Provide an energy kick at the beginning or a bang effect at the end of your corporate event with our musical energizer Boom Time! Use the power of the Haka during the conference break to let your participants recharge their energy, power and enthusiasm! Other possibilities to bring a breath of fresh air into your event are our mobile Escape Game Beat the Virus or our versatile iChallenge, just to name a few more of our numerous ideas and offers for corporate events. With our varied supporting programs, your meeting or conference will be a successful event that participants will remember for a long time!

Our corporate events – ideas for kick-off events


There is no substitute for a positive start to the new year or a new project. Use the power of a good start and steer the existing energies in a positive direction with a good idea for your kick-off event. In a newly formed team, the best way to do this is to build common ground with our Icebreaker Knowing Me Knowing You. A very good way to break down distances and build trust is also our corporate event The Hand Project, which unites your employees by doing a good deed together with communication, cooperation and teamwork. In contrast, our team event The Infinite Loop immerses colleagues in the world of virtual reality, training them in communication and problem-solving strategies and teaching them the principles of lean management. Communication, cooperation and cross-departmental collaboration are also the focus of our Global Innovation Game, our company event idea in the style of the start-up show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. As you can see, with our corporate event ideas and programs, you can make your kick-off event a successful start to the new year or a new project!

Our company events – ideas for company Christmas parties

With a company Christmas party you express your appreciation towards your employees and customers. It is a small thank you for the services rendered and the good cooperation. And with our ideas for company Christmas parties, your company Christmas party will be far removed from the usual annual Christmas dinner and become a very special company event that everyone will remember for a long time! Plenty of fun, (Christmas) atmosphere and good mood are also guaranteed by our fun Advent Calendar Challenge, our trading simulation Christbaum Connection or Quizmas, our funny idea for your Christmas corporate event in the style of a TV game show. We would be happy to create an individual supporting program for your company Christmas party from these and our many other company event ideas!

Our company events – ideas for indoor and outdoor events

To make it easier for you to get an overview of our numerous ideas for company events, we have divided our offers into indoor events and outdoor events. Some of our team events, such as our classic sinking tables or our trade simulation Trade Empire, can only take place indoors, while others, such as our Team Olympics Company Cup or our Escape Games Escape the City and Escape the Forest, can only take place outdoors. Some of our corporate event ideas like Block Buster or Building Bridges, on the other hand, can be booked both indoors and outdoors. And with our bad weather insurance, you can be sure that you can exchange your chosen outdoor corporate event for an indoor alternative at short notice, so that your event does not fall into the proverbial water.

Our corporate events – individual ideas for your corporate event

Do you have any questions about our ideas for employee events or would you like a program for your company event that is specially tailored to your requirements and needs and that incorporates special products, goals or visions of your company? Then please contact us! We will be happy to advise you individually and set the course for a perfect corporate event together with you!